Mustardseed Realty, Inc.
"Where all it takes is a little bit of faith!"

What's so great about us?

First and foremost, we're experienced business people that just happen to sell a commodity called Real Estate. That alone separates us from most agents!

How do we make it work? We have a small service staff dedicated to meet and tend to all of your real estate needs. What does this mean to you? It simply means that we operate like a conventional company, with a personal and individual touch for each prospective new homebuyer and seller.

The benefit to the consumer is attention and responses when you need it and a professional staff that is there to perform the best marketing strategies geared to your community and neighborhood. We have a professional relationship with various lenders and attorneys with years of experience in the area of real estate and they are available to you to answer all your financing and real estate needs. Mustardseed Realty, Inc. has real estate agents who are known to be among the top realtors in the area. Each realtor will provide you with more than just an up-to-the-minute list of available homes to visit... you will receive in-depth information on the area's schools, neighborhoods, recreation opportunities, shopping, dining, growth trends, and so much more… Best of all, you will be working with someone who not only cares about your real estate needs, but one who will always go the extra mile for you. This translates into dramatically better service and many, many more services to you. That's how you really win!

What ever the reason for your move or sale we are there to assist you and lend a helping hand. We understand that sometimes moves are made due to family growth or just the need for change and even that there are not so pleasant reasons for a move such as Bankruptcy and Foreclosure. But we have the solutions and the experience that will offer you alternatives and help you to understand in plain english what your options are.

Lastly, our marketing, financing and legal expertise makes an unheard-of combination in our industry. It allows any buyer or seller to enjoy the broadest exposure to the market in the most advantageous ways possible. We have hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials from past clients that demonstrate just how different we were for them and their families.

So, sit back and leave the Realty to us!


We are also a
licensed HUD Broker
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